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Passion for the best grilled food.

Imagine a spot surrounded by water, open fires and the beats of the Leaf Stage. This is Tastes of the World’s Brasa! After a successful edition at Tomorrowland Winter, Brasa will serve you a great meat, fish or cheese dish straight from the Ofyr grill. Summer vibes at its best!

Appetizer – main Course (meat/fish/vegetarian) - 1 glass of wine – ½ bottle of water - sweet bite

On the terrace close to the Leaf stage.

Friday 26/07 - Meat Menu

Friday 26/07 - Fish Menu

Friday 26/07 - Vegetarian Menu

Saturday 27/07 - Meat Menu

Saturday 27/07- Fish Menu

Saturday 27/07 - Vegetarian Menu

Sunday 28/07 - Meat Menu

Sunday 28/07 - Fish Menu

Sunday 28/07 - Vegetarian Menu